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#bluejeans #poloshirts #converse

That's Why Jeans Are Always Blue

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Why are jeans blue? What’s that teeny tiny pocket right above your actual pocket for? For what purpose were the first sunglasses created? Why are the buttons on women’s and men’s shirts on opposite sides? You probably know the size of your clothes, their color, brand, perhaps price, and definitely which ones look the best on you! What you may not know, however, is the surprising history behind some of your favorite your garments!

Did you know, for example, that at first, workers wore T-shirts exclusively as an undergarment? Wearing one out in public was considered scandalous! So, wanna know other fascinating facts about your clothes? Then watch the video!

Why are jeans blue? 0:46
Why do jeans have that tiny pocket? 1:56
Why is the Lacoste logo a crocodile? 3:55
Which writer was the first to use the word “T-shirt” in print? 5:36
For what purpose were the first sunglasses created? 6:28
What purposes do the extra holes in your Converse shoes serve? 7:36
Why are the buttons on men’s and women’s shirts on different sides? 8:50

#bluejeans #poloshirts #converse

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- Italian sailors from the port of Genoa were colloquially known as “Genes”. Since they wore twilled cotton pants, the term “jeans” became synonymous with these unique cotton trousers.
- Natural indigo dye, on the other hand, sticks only to the outer surface of the thread. Each time it’s washed, small amounts of dye get washed away, taking some of the thread with them.
- That little pocket dates back to the first jeans produced by the Levi Strauss Company back in 1879.
- Enter French tennis star Rene Lacoste, who shocked the sporting world by adopting a short-sleeved 3-button shirt while most players were still wearing the standard long-sleeved ones. His nickname was “the crocodile,” and this reptile soon appeared on the shirt’s left breast.
- The T-shirt got its name from its shape, which resembles the letter T. The Oxford English Dictionary credits American author F. Scott Fitzgerald as the first to use the word “T-shirt” in print in his novel “This Side of Paradise”.
- In the 19th century, protection from the sun’s rays wasn’t a concern yet, and wearing sunglasses was anything but cool. That’s because they were commonly prescribed for people suffering from syphilis since one of the symptoms of this disease is sensitivity to light.
- As for those two holes, they serve 2 purposes. The first is pretty obvious to most people: extra ventilation. After all, these shoes were originally designed for athletes, basket players to be precise.
- ack in the mid to late 1800s, women’s clothing was way more complicated than men’s, so much so that women needed assistance in getting dressed! Thus, their articles of clothing were designed in a way that made it easier for other people to button them up.

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